About us

Who is behind CINELIGHTs?

We believe that if one does the work that fills him, something extraordinary will arise. Something that other people enjoy life.

We have found our place on the Slovak market and our satisfied customers are confident in recommending our work to our acquaintances. We create interiors that breathe the sparkle room and transform the sterile classic to the warmth of home. We are www.artgips.sk and our work is our hobby. From the first construction to the last ice light.

We also love movies. Exciting sci-fi, adventurous cowboys, stunning horror, imaginative fairy tales and, of course, movies full of laughter and love.

We think that if a man can combine the craft he performs with love and hobbies, something new can be created.

That's how CINELIGHTs originated. A unique project we found and found our supporters at the moment of its birth.


CINELIGHTs is a combination of interior design and film world. The result is a movie experience in one's own living room, which he has not experienced before. Light effects convert the room into a part of the movie scene, and you will suddenly realize that watching movies has a new dimension.