Do you love good movies with amazing effects?

Although the sound of home cinema is enjoyable, the atmosphere of the action or sci-fi scene stays behind the flat screen .... But only until you start CINELIGHTS.


CINELIGHTS is the reason that changes your view of the film. We have combined a sophisticated device that transmits light effects based on the color of the currently broadcast film and the plasterboard interior design as a design element. The result is a unique piece of living room for every movie lover. The one you love at first glance.

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How does CINELIGHTS work?

The device, supplied as part of the realization, reflects the light effects on the basis of the already existing film. The colors that appear will penetrate into the interior and inspire the atmosphere of the scene that is just taking place on the screen. On your own skin you can feel the horrors of Armageddon, the fear of Freddy Krueger or the lion Alex's enthusiasm when landing on Madagascar. With its design, Cinelights becomes part of the interior that adds sparkles to the room and a touch of exceptional. It simply fits into the device concept as the missing jigsaw element.

Imagine how ...

  • you will become a part of the battle scene in the darkness of a forgotten alley. Your room is immersed in the darkness and the atmosphere where you can expect an opponent's strike every minute, take turns ...
  • on Friday you call your friends for a traditional horror experience, but beware! This time you will not be in the scenes when the main hero is running laughing laughing. Thanks to the light effects that will overwhelm your living room, you will all feel the muscle as a victim in the movie.
  • romantic movies in the couple get a completely different dimension when you find yourself in the light of candles in the light of a romantic dinner ... and then a few hours later you can see the lights of the stadium during the season. Just like live.

With Cinelights, you do not have to imagine this.

You can do this every day. Directly in his living room.